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Samantha Pellón

Samantha Pellón currently serves as the Policy Director for Chapman Consulting. Pellón has spent her career navigating the health care policy landscape, researching, developing, and promoting polices and strategies to improve population health and increase access to quality health care with a focus on health equity. Pellón previously served as the Director of Medicaid Policy and Programs at Aurrera Health Group, leading program development and implementation of the ACEs Aware initiative, a statewide initiative to offer Medi-Cal providers training, clinical protocols, and payment for screening children and adults for toxic stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Pellón previously worked for the California Medical Association (CMA) as an Associate Director of Policy for several years, advising senior leadership, clinical providers, and stakeholders on health care policy, regulatory, and legislative strategies as it concerns public health priorities for the association. Pellón also previously worked for the American Lung Association in California, leading their advocacy efforts on tobacco control and lung health, and was a previous employee of the Public Health Institute and California Department of Health Care Services.

Pellón received her Master of Public Health from UC Berkeley where she was a Graduate Opportunity Program Fellow, and her Bachelor of Arts from Claremont McKenna College.