Chloe Breaker

Chloe Breaker serves as the administrative coordinator of Chapman Consulting. Breaker offers general administrative support by arranging meeting logistics and scheduling appointments. In addition, she provides technical support in managing the company’s website and social media accounts. Breaker plans virtual meetings using various web-conferencing platforms and encourages participant engagement through virtual activities. She also edits and designs collateral materials for clients such as infographic fact sheets and PowerPoint presentations.

Furthermore, Breaker has worked closely with non-profit organization Insure the Uninsured Project (ITUP), as she supported the team in organizing and executing a statewide health policy conference. Since the 24th Annual Conference, she has continued to work for ITUP as administrative support, tracking finances and filing expenses for bookkeeping.

As a student at University of California - Davis, Breaker studies Spanish and Psychology. She aspires to pursue a PhD and practice clinical psychology in underserved communities. Through working in academic and professional settings with both children and adults of different backgrounds, Breaker has developed extensive leadership skills and highly values close interpersonal relationships.