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Chapman Consulting offers strategic guidance for clients exploring opportunities for growth, regulatory analysis, and impacts of market changes.
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Strategic Planning
  • Provide strategic planning services for organizations
  • Assist in exploring growth opportunities
  • Assess contractual opportunities, regulatory requirements, and operational needs
  • Assist with the development of innovative approaches that will differentiate an organization
  • Evaluate innovative financing arrangements
  • Board and Executive level support and meeting facilitation to develop actionable organizational goals and strategic plan development
Operational Support and Project Management
  • Develop recommendations and action plans based on an extensive knowledge of the federal and state statutes and regulations
  • Prepare staff and provide training for opportunities to meet specific organizational priorities
  • Evaluate current processes or initiatives to look for ways to streamline or enhance projects
  • Explore opportunities to create strategic partnerships across the industry
  • Offer technical expertise on contracting and government relations
Stakeholder Engagement
  • Engage the appropriate stakeholders for an organization to develop key relationships for success
  • Solicit feedback and input from key informants to refine client goals and objectives to reflect the health care market
  • Facilitate meetings, both large and small, with various stakeholders and potential partners
  • Provide insights and support engagement with stakeholders
Market Research and Analysis
  • Gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative data
  • Monitor and assess regulatory and legislative policies
  • Conduct in-depth key informant interviews
  • Summarize complicated information into succinct and informative updates
  • Compile and organize information into digestible fact sheets and issue briefs
  • Write comprehensive publications on relevant health care policy topics